We are a Martech agency.
What's that, you ask?

We add a potful of innovative technology into a vessel of marketing expertise, and top it off with a sprinkle of unique creatives and a little more. The outcome? Memorable consumer journeys. We help brands to connect with their consumers and achieve goals by combining the best practices of marketing with advanced digital technologies.

We have worked with clients and brands spanning from Newton to New York, allowing us to scale campaigns for resource and cost efficiencies.

Our People

We are Connecteur because our ultimate goal is to connect your brand with your customers, using the most effective integrated martech (marketing technology) solutions that meet your brief.

Looking out for our track record? Well, we have more than 20 years of experience in working with MNCs and FMCGs, so we aren't kidding when we say that we are poised to help brands build customer journeys through omni-channel experiences with results-driven and lasting impact.

Information, Experience, Interaction Design Teams

We offer a wide range of design expertise — from research to strategization and content development. The ultimate success of the project will depend upon getting just the right mix of talent, technical skills and industry experience.

Full Stack Development Teams

Our team of full stack developers are proficient in front-end web and mobile applications development through DOM programming and JS Frameworks on the client-side, server-side development leveraging Amazon Web Services and its technology stack as well as system integration for enterprise CRMs solutions.

Our Approach

We are letting you in on a little secret of ours...for every campaign management from ideation to implementation, we keep the following principles in mind which have proven to work for our clients.

Omni-channel Experience

The internet has increased the number of touchpoints by multifold so being omni-present is more important than ever for a brand to stay at the top of customers' minds.

Customized Customer Engagement

Every brand is as unique as every human being, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution to engaging your customers. Our marketing campaigns are designed to fit your brand voice and personality while resonating with your target audience.


Every relationship starts with a conversation. For customers to stay with a brand, the relationships need to be built and nurtured, and we do so through personalized conversation designs.

Intelligent Data-centric Decision

Data don't lie. We monitor campaign performance throughout its implementation, optimizing what we do based on data — we stick to strategies that work, but are flexible enough to change the course if we can make it better.